Tips for Keeping Calm During the Wedding

Organizing a wedding is potentially stressful, there is no doubt about it. Infinity of details to deal with, complicated decisions, unexpected expenses, impositions of other people outside the couple ... everything seems to conspire to steal calm and sleep. Although that is potentially stressful, because organizing a wedding does not necessarily have to be synonymous with tension; They tell you what they tell you.

So that you can remain calm throughout the process of organizing the wedding, even during the celebration, then I want to give you some tips to help you achieve it.

Tips for Keeping Calm During the Wedding

Tips for Keeping Calm During the Wedding


The main thing to keep in mind to stay calm throughout the process is very simple: you can not control everything. There will be circumstances that are out of your control and that, precisely for that, they should not take away the dream.

And for the least number of things you can not handle at your wedding, nothing better than having a plan B for any unforeseen events that may happen. Even a C plan ... This implies that you have to put yourself in the worst case scenario and look for a possible solution.

Plan your wedding down to the smallest detail. Although you can not control everything that will happen during the process and the celebration itself, the mere fact of having well organized every step every detail, will give you a security that you will be grateful for.

Has Help

Learn to delegate, yes or yes. You need to draw up a list of people who will perform the tasks that you can not cover, both throughout the organization and the day of the wedding: help you order the flowers, collect the invitations or the dress, wrap gifts For the guests, receive the guests on the wedding day and show them the tables that have been assigned, fasten the dress, put the dress on the ceremony, hold the bridal bouquet, check that the musicians are on time, etc. My advice is that they are people with whom you have a good relationship and that you deserve all the confidence. If you are going to assign them tasks, it is important that you trust that they will do well and willingly.

And, of course, something that will bring you all the security and tranquility: hire a wedding planner and a coordinator of the day B. It is the best way to make everything go well and that you do not have to worry about anything but to enjoy.

Manage the Times

Prepare a checklist that picks up all the important moments of the wedding, from beginning to end. When planning your wedding do not satures your agenda.

Do not satures your agenda. It is important that you do not accumulate appointments and appointments that you will incur. Plan wedding-related engagements with your head, making sure they match the rest of your life (work, family, friends, and other interests). It is very common to accept appointments that are good for bridal providers, but that dislocate our agenda ... and our nerves. Try to make those visits and tests fit you both. And, of course, leave spaces on your calendar so you can spend a coffee with a friend, go for an afternoon enjoying the sunset or watching a movie with your nephews.

The attitude

Keep in mind that you will not be able to please everyone, so do not use all your strength and your nerves to get it. The first thing to keep in mind is what you want and what your partner wants, that you are the ones that you marry. Then, if possible, try to please the people you really want. And then keep in mind all the others ...

Practice assertiveness at the most delicate points of the wedding: guest list, yes / no children, religious / civil wedding, etc. If you and your partner do not set things straight from the beginning, discussions and long faces are guaranteed. There is a saying that perfectly illustrates how to expose the complicated subjects: better once colored than a hundred yellow.

To keep you calm during the organization and celebration of the wedding is important attitude. Think of it as something unrepeatable and fun. If you take it as an obligation that only causes you anguish and fatigue, you will end up on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Do not satures with the different proposals and ideas that you will see in wedding magazines, blogs, social networks or stores. The offer is so wide that you have to choose what fits your style and budget. I advise you to make a kind of notebook or file in which you keep the ideas that really inspire you and that you can put into practice at your wedding.


Carefully choose suppliers. Contrast your quality with opinions of other couples or appear on the Internet. Make sure that people with whom you have direct contact, have a good deal and are understanding and flexible. And, of course, you require a detailed budget and a service contract.

Do not overwhelm your suppliers, unless strictly necessary. If you have chosen them well, you will not have to worry about them fulfilling their commitments on time. If you are flitting between the decorators and florists while decorating the spaces, you will not only lose precious time for yourself on your wedding day, you will also lose them. And it may be that they do not finish on time or that they do not give 100% precisely because you have not let them work ...

Plan with the photographer the photographic session of the wedding, so that the duration is not excessive. The guests will be waiting and that you delay you implies that everything else will be delayed: food service, entertainment, dancing ...

Speaking of photos, to make things easier for the photographer, I recommend that you entrust one or more trusted people to locate the people who will be part of the group photos. If you have lists with different names, it will be easier to locate them and take snapshots more quickly and smoothly.

Hire a wedding insurance. You will not avoid unforeseen events, but it will pay you back if they happen. They are not overly expensive and will give you great peace of mind.

Infallible Tricks

If you or your partner causes you sweat and nauseas that to pronounce the votes in public, do not complicate your life. Write the vows on a card and deliver them during the ceremony, or even before it is celebrated.

Prepare an emergency kit for the wedding day. It will get you out of more trouble. Even if you do not need it, the mere fact of having it at hand will give you a lot of peace of mind.

If you are going to diet, do it in time and with realistic goals. If you go hungry and do not ingest the necessary nutrients, you will be nervous and moody at all times, as well as not having the strength to face what the organization of a wedding entails. And, on the other hand, if you do not manage to lose everything you have proposed, you will feel frustrated and nervous.

Exercise regularly, you will feel stronger and more relaxed. And if you supplement it with yoga or meditation, much better. You can also bring your partner to class, so you will share something different from the wedding organization and you will take care.

Do not buy the dress a size much smaller than the one you currently have, thinking that you will lose several kilos before the wedding. If you lose weight, the dressmaker can adapt the suit as your body changes. If you do not lose weight or even fatten, the arrangement of the dress will be much more complicated, which will cause you a stress

Do not give up the dress, hairstyle and make-up tests. Knowing what your full outfit will be will bring you a lot of security ... and you'll avoid nasty last-minute surprises.

Forget the mobile on the wedding day. That day you must dedicate yourself to more important things that take calls, send messages by WhatsApp or send photos to co-workers. They will take a lot of time and contribute to make you more nervous. If you do not want to miss anything, give the phone to someone you trust and who will be responsible for answering calls or messages in your name, and that you just keep you informed of the most important.

And most importantly, do not let anyone ruin you that day. If someone makes an unfortunate comment, makes a bad face or has the desire to discuss ... do not pay attention. If you have to be angry, leave it for the next day.

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