Tips to Choose the Earrings On Wedding Day

Choosing the jewelry on your wedding day is as important as choosing the dress. Increasingly, the brides choose the jewels before the dress !! You must keep in mind that these jewels will accompany you the rest of your life, dedicate the time you deserve to your choice.

Today we would like to pay special attention to one of the key pieces in the look of a bride, the earrings. We seem fundamental since it is the most visible jewel, which helps to beautify your face and the one that will accompany you in all the images of that special day.

To choose them, many factors have to be taken into account. Your physiognomy, the dress style, the neckline, the hairstyle and, if it is worn, the placement of the veil are decisive. Do not forget either that you do not wear the same jewelry at a wedding day as at night.

Tips to Choose the Earrings On Wedding Day

Tips to Choose the Earrings On Wedding Day

Here are some of our tips to Choose The Earrings Wedding :

1. The shape of your face oval is very important. If your face is thin or angular the long earrings will favor you as long as the bottom opens a little and helps fill your oval. The short earrings, type dormilón or rosette, also are very favorable to this type of factions. If your face is more rounded, the long earrings will help you to stylize and give a sophisticated touch to your face.

Tip: The length of your neck is very important when choosing the length of slope 

2. The style of the dress and the earring should go accordingly. If for example it is a romantic line, the earrings of Elizabethan inspiration, worked as a fine lace, will be ideal. If it is a modern and different dress, perhaps you will a slope with a bold touch of color. If it is a dress of sober lines the earrings of Art Deco style are your thing.

Tip: Be advised by professionals about the dress line that best fits your body. 

 3. The neckline of your dress is very important. If the neckline is simple, box or boat, you can choose more important slopes to give a sophisticated touch giving the protagonism to the jewel. If on the other hand you dare with a striking neckline, heart type, word of honor or V, it is advisable that you choose more simple slopes, to compensate and share the protagonism between both elements.

Tip: Take care of the skin on your cleavage in the weeks prior to the wedding day, exfoliate and moisturize 

 4. You should pay attention to the hairstyle you are going to look. If the hairstyle is sophisticated, the earrings should be lighter or shorter, but if the hairstyle is very simple you can use the long ones. If you opt for a pickup, the earrings will be very visible and whether you choose a short or long model will look great. If you prefer loose hair, or a semi collected, the slope should take more prominence and be seen, in this case you can allow you to choose a long slope and more volume.

Tip: if you wear your hair loose, ask them to clear at least one side of the face, so that they look good the earrings.

 5. Another factor to consider is the veil. The veil covers and draws attention, diverting it from the earrings and accessories. However, it is normal after the ceremony to retire, so your jewels will wear in all their splendor.

 6. Earrings for a day wedding are usually lighter than those for a late-night wedding, both in size and color. The same thing happens with the jewels that the other guests wear. Tip: Our collection of detachable earrings will allow you to look two different looks on the same day. Take the short earring for the ceremony and then add the sophisticated touch with some colorful pendants during the party.

In short, the earrings have to go according to your tastes, with the style of the wedding you celebrate and with your wedding dress.

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