Makeup for a Summer Wedding: 10 Tricks, Tips and Trends for Brides and Guests

Now that it finally seems like the summer is here to stay, it's time to choose the best makeup for both bride and guests, not forgetting to review some basic beauty tips and tricks so that our face remains perfect for many hours, Dances and long nights.

Take note of these 10 tips of style and technique and remember that whether you make yourself or put yourself in the hands of a professional, you must have skin carefully and prepared for the big day.

Tricks, Tips and Trends for Brides and Guests for a Summer Wedding

1. Be true to your style: do not look for extra-dramatic makeup or change your personality. Look for an improved and luminous version of your own look. A few years ago was associated 'girlfriend' with pastel makeup, which are not appropriate for photos in high definition and are a little 70's. Also do not follow the trends of the catwalk: no matter how you take fluoride ... your wedding is your wedding .

2. Natural makeup does not mean not going make-up: define your eyebrows well, use neutral shadows but define the contours of the eye and apply black mask on the eyelashes (never another color, in the picture goes wrong the invention). Beware of extensions of false eyelashes at the ends of the eye ... bad day to innovate. Better a lot of mascara, and make it waterproof.

3. Watch out for tanning and self-tanning! You have many spots to appear orange in the photos. Why else if in Hollywood always appear so white the stars;)?

4. Prepare the skin so that the makeup will last for many hours. Do it with a good primer, serum or a flashing blister. So, your makeup base will resist much more: be sure to fix it with good compact powders leaving the cheeks uncovered for a brighter look. Carry the matt compact powders in your bag, make sure they are free of titanium or any element that reflects the light ... or you will look like a panda. Add to the touch-up kit anti-glare wipes, and if you are the bride, have one of your friends / bridesmaids wear it for you and retouch it when necessary.

5. Touch-up kit: Compact matte powders, anti-glare wipes, the color of lips you've used and a correcting pad to touch up dark circles, redness and heat pimples.

6. Use a specific primer for eyes to prevent shadows from quitting. Then, with a clean brush, apply a few touches of translucent powder to the eyelid before applying the shadows. Once you have worked the colors, apply another touch of translucent powder on the eyelid.

7. Choose a lip color that does not require constant retouching. Red glossy: ever !.

8. If you get too red: choose brown and cream tones, or lilacs and roses.

9. Once you are ready, fix the makeup with a fixative spray.

10. Ah! And never, never use colored contact lenses. Remember that he fell in love with your eyes ...

Below we show you three makeup for girlfriends this season that we liked.

This first, ideal for light and pink skin:

tips of stylemake up wedding for a Summer

This second, with wind-combed and ideal for beach wedding or country:

tips of stylemake up wedding for a Summer

 Which of the makeup do you like best? Have you found our advice useful for a perfect emotion-proof makeup?

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