Ideas and Tips For the Bridal Bouquet

The choice of wedding bouquet is a difficult decision. Even if you have specialist advice that indicate you how to combine shapes and colors, and you inform fashions and trends, the first thing to consider is that you find comfortable to wear because you will wear all day. Always remember that your own review to choose the bouquet is very important.

Tips For the Bridal Bouquet

Tips For the Bridal Bouquet

For the election to you easier, here we give you a list of aspects to consider when choosing your bridal bouquet:

The bridal bouquet should be consistent with the dress as improper bouquet can spoil everything. A classic cut suit with tail and long veil, a bouquet of cascading need to balance the whole. The fabric color will influence the selection of the colors of the flowers. The volume of the dress will determine the shape of the bouquet (more or less exuberant and more or less large flowers).

The time of year where the wedding will also determine the making of the bouquet. It is important to take this into account as it may happen that we really like a flower but is unavailable at this time of year. One of the most used flower is the lily, which is round. Also, if you marry in the summer it is preferable that the branch takes greener because it feeling fresh. If your wedding is in winter, brings flowers compactly.

On the other hand, it is important that you consider your body and height. If you're a tall bride carried a bouquet fit better elongated and voluminous. If you're short stature is preferable rounded bouquet and small flowers.

The hair color and skin tone must also be in harmony with the bouquet. If you're a brunette bride can choose bright colors (yellow, fuchsia), whereas if you're blonde should lean on whites and pastels. If you are a redhead can get you good strong color, orange.

The duration of the marriage must also be taken into account. There are flowers that last longer, like the classic roses, and other lasting less, as the wildflowers that remain poorly and quickly wither.

There are many types of brides: romantic, traditional, original, etc. Vos sos what? It's good to get fixated on that aspect for help choosing the bridal bouquet.

If you're a classic bride the best flowers for your bouquet are roses in soft pastel colors or with a touch of green that will give elegance.

For a romantic girlfriend good choices are lilies and white orchids with green leaves or even white roses, ferns and lilies. Or a small bouquet of flowers that look freshly picked from the field.

If your style is modern opt for a bouquet of white orchids cascading fern leaves accompanied or cortaderas. Also you can use yellow lilies and irises.

Finally, there girlfriends having regard to the meaning of flowers and colors. For example, the red rose is synonymous with love and pure white rose symbolizes love; lily means innocence, purity and joy, and orchid is a symbol of beauty and sublime sentiments.

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