7 Ways To Wear Her Bridal Veil

You will discover a more modern website with more tips for weddings, DIY, competitions and much more! You have your wedding dress? Now you need to think about the bridal veil that will perfectly match your dress! And believe me, it's not so obvious. Several sails are possible. all is to choose! and depending on your face, your wedding dress and the style of wedding you want to have!

7 Ways To Wear Her Bridal Veil

Here are 7 ways to wear your bridal veil

Purity Virginale

Opt for the finest wedding veil and transparent as possible. This veil will agree with all styles of possible wedding dresses. Then you put off your face and your hair like a goddess!

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Floral veil

Choose a transparent veil, smooth and extremely fine, yes!
But why not match it with a wreath? this will give you a charming small side, romantic, you could match the theme of your wedding or your bridal bouquet!

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Bohemian way or tied at the pirate, to be the bride vintage and trendy ...
A fashion that primarily takes fashion crazy years of our grandmothers. A lovely idea but remember this is not suitable for all faces!

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Romantic Spanish or sailing Madonna

More traditional, this veil port will be even more beautiful with beautiful lace or tulle that are increasingly rare If you have a beautiful family sailing: do not hesitate! This will put the value!

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Whimsical crazy year sailing

Crazy year in the style, but revisited so 2015, these veils have their modern twist on the sides!
Like it or not, but I confess that I find some originality and a chic that I like a lot!
Ideal for those who have no previous sailing!

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Sail supporting a hairstyle

Want a bun and a veil, but yes bun covered with a veil or not?
That is the question! If you have a high bun, nothing prevents you to make your sail from the bottom of the bun. One thereby supporting each other.
Another modern way to wear her veil!
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A veil? Why not just a detail?

Yes, yes I see you up! You're not so addicted wedding veil and yet you want a little something ...
Here is a selection headband, headband turban that you can put in order to keep the mind "wedding hairstyle" escaping the veil that you find may be too strict or too light!

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