Trends and Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

Once you have chosen dress and accessories, it seems that all the work done and the 'look' of bride prepared. However, there is still one important ingredient left and, believe it or not, it can ruin your outfit. That ingredient is the hairstyle. The hair, in case you had not noticed, is also governed by trends and unwritten rules that determine what yesterday was the most, today is the most ... old-fashioned.

For several seasons, the braids reigned almost solitary in the realm of weddings. In all its versions, and usually accompanied by wreaths to reinforce that romantic air that always give the looks. However, by 2017, new winds are blowing and the two hairstyles we will see the most during the new wedding season will be the bow and mane in the wind.

Trends and Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

The return of the bun:
It has been the hairstyle par excellence of brides. Maybe that's why for a long time anyone who wanted to get away from the more traditional look never uttered his name. For years it has been relegated to the wedding of royalty and little else. However, for this season comes back strongly. Of course, with some conditions:

1. The importance of height. Forget about the high bunches crowning the head. The ones that are taken are the low ones or, at most, to half height.
Trends and Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

2. Make it important. No polished head, extra lacquer and no hair out of place. For the day of your wedding, it has a bow, but it does not disheveled and it gets the perfect scruffy look.
Trends and Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

3. Best line in the middle. If you are going to comb and go from point number 2, then choose the line in the middle and accompany it with a look that tends to minimalism.
Best line in the middle bridal hairstyle trends

This is one of the new additions to the bride looks. While earlier were the transitory step between makeup preparation and the final result, now the pigtail is the definitive hairstyle. We have seen it in parades like the one of Rosa Clara and the one of YolanCris of New York. In this case, the middle stripe and the polished look is key. Also the company: better bet on XL earrings or discreet diadems and accessories.

Trends and Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

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