Tips for Organizing a Low Cost Wedding Party

Preparing a wedding is not an easy task, you have to arm yourself with patience and adopt a positive attitude to face all the contingencies that may arise. We do not want to frighten you, much less, but you have to coordinate many people and we consider it very important to plan the tasks and set the budgets for each purpose. Today we bring you a series of tips to organize a low cost wedding but without giving up having a wedding cuckoo.

For Organizing a Low Cost Wedding, You can start by making the invitations yourself or even send virtual invitations. For this, it is essential to have made the guest list before, if possible, as tight as possible. We know! It's a real headache! But in the end, it comes out, and if not, you can always use these methods that abound in the Internet.

Tips for Organizing a Low Cost Wedding Party

Tips for Organizing a Low Cost Wedding Party

To lower the cost of the wedding you can take into account the possibility of getting married on Friday or Sunday, and if it is in the low season, better than better. There are many restaurants that offer discounts and special prices to couples who choose these options. From the menu we can say little, it depends on your tastes and the customs of each region.

It is clear that the costumes of the couple take much of the budget bodil. Have you thought about renting them? And if the idea does not convince you, and since everything "vintage" is so fashionable, girls, how would you like to wear your mother's dress? With some arrangements if needed and some suitable accessories you will be in the magazine! Another tip, if you are going to buy shoes, better that they are usable. If you think that being white you will never wear them again, look at the possibilities that you would have to dye them or better, choose raw, golden, silver tones ... so that you can wear them again.

You can get more out of flower arrangements if they are artificial, and you prefer the natural, choose seasonal flowers. For the bride's bouquet there are many options, we gave you many ideas in the post "different bridal bouquets". One option that we love is that you bring a bouquet of newly picked spikes and flowers! For the decoration of the banquet we gave you many ideas using recycled materials

As for the details for the guests, you can take advantage of the occasion and give jam jars, if you know how to make it, or if you have olive trees, you can give oil, or even honey, if you have bees, there are those who have them. With diy labels these details will be the cutest.

For the moment of fun you can prepare yourselves a candy bar or a homemade photobooth, just buy various trinkets and take containers that we already have for the first case and buy rubber eva, glue, a few sticks and little else for the photobooth.

The photographic report will be what you have left as a reminder of the great day. We would recommend a professional but this post is low cost wedding party ideas so ... you can ask a relative to act as a photographer and / or you can collect the photos of all the guests afterwards. And the same with the video, of course, Yes, we can not guarantee the results .

The honeymoon, after the banquet, is the item that most budget usually needs. No need to go to the end of the world to enjoy a few days of relaxation as a couple. Travel wherever you want, this near or far and ask at the agency for last minute offers.

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