10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

After choosing the wedding dress, salon and banquet, the next major purchase will be the wedding cake. With all eyes on the bride, the bridal cake has to be the only element that we can allow her five minutes of fame in a day created exclusively for the bride and groom.

Is currently at the helm of The Cake Artist, from where he recreates the most exclusive wedding cakes to decorate the wedding of the bride and groom. From the classic designs to the most modern and avant-garde, Marley has the best tips to make this element the sweetest of your memories.

Where to start in choosing a cake? These are the ten fabulous tips of the expert:

10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

How many people of your guests will not eat cake? We speak of people with a strict diet due to diseases, age or diet.

Do you want to keep your highest level for a future celebration? Although this is not very common in our country, in certain cultures it is a tradition to keep a piece of the bridal cake in the freezer for the first year of marriage or, at the baptism of the first child. If you want to opt for this tradition, it will be of utmost importance to discuss it with the pastry chef.

Do you want the cake to be served as a dessert? This implies a cake with a greater number of portions than if it is served after dinner, in the latter case the cake could be much smaller.

What flavors are your favorites for bread and filling? The range of flavors goes beyond the traditional vanilla, chocolate and fruit, a good bakery will know to offer a wide range of possibilities.

What is your color theme? If your wedding has a theme based on color, it will be important to take it into account for the decoration of the cake, it is not about using exactly the same nuances, but rather uniforming it with the concept.

# 6
And the flowers? If you want to include natural flowers in your wedding cake is convenient to list which you will use in your bouquet and general decoration, this will give the pattern to the expert.

# 7
Is there a general theme that will be reflected in the cake? For example, it has tended to imitate the texture of the wedding dress on the cake, another option would be an ombre or blur style finish, or perhaps a specific theme such as a medieval themed wedding, Gatsby, et cetera.

# 8
What time of year is the wedding, on what date? It is not the same thing a cake for a wedding in spring that for one in winter, certain ingredients can be very expensive in certain months, this would raise the cost of the cake.

# 9
Type of place and location? Another factor to consider is the place where the celebration takes place: closed room, outdoor garden, lake shore, on the beach, in a forest, each space has specific characteristics that will influence the final result of your wedding cake .

# 10
What is your budget? With these 10 points, the choice of your wedding cake will be panned. Do not forget to share the photo of your bridal cake on our social networks!

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