Ultraviolet: the Color of Weddings 2020

This will be the color of the wedding 2018: ULTRAVIOLET a color inspired for wedding 2020 by nature, strong, passionate, elegant, stately and very versatile.

And now we are going to do a bit of "spoiler" and we are going to advance some of the images that we will surely see throughout the year so that they serve as inspiration if you wish to incorporate this tone to your wedding in some detail or turn it into the absolute protagonist.

Let's start with the engagement ring. What would you think of a rose gold ring with a beautiful amethyst? Original, elegant and with a stone that symbolizes the wisdom of women.

Ultraviolet gemstone engagement rings

Ultraviolet: the Color of Weddings 2020

We also find it a great idea to use these tones in all the wedding stationery: invitations, cards, minutes and sitting plan.

card for wedding

Would you dare to use ultraviolet in your bridal look? Hair, manicure or your shoes are an option to consider if you are daring girlfriends. And if not ... how about for the bridesmaids?
ultraviolet hairstyle for wedding

ultraviolet nail for wedding

As far as floral decoration is concerned this is the color of some of the most beautiful and romantic flowers and we will find it in hydrangeas, dahlias, thoughts, roses, lilacs, and as non-violets. Lovely flowers to decorate the ceremony or for your bouquet or the boutonniere of the groom.

best flowers color for wedding 2018

And do not forget the decoration of the banquet tables, you can incorporate the ultraviolet color not only in the flowers that will combine a thousand wonders with the succulents so fashionable this year, but also in tablecloths, napkins and glassware.

And finally if you want to soften the set a bit do not forget that the ultraviolet tone combines perfectly with the mauve and blue. The result is simply spectacular, romantic and very sweet. And speaking of sweet ... do not forget that ultraviolet gives a lot of play in desserts, candy tables and wedding cake.

cake for wedding

What is your opinion? Do you like the ULTRAVIOLET tone for a wedding?

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