Invited to a Wedding: Wearing Short or Long Dresses?

Hi friends .. they often ask me .. for a wedding in the morning can I go with long dress? ... For a wedding in a castle I can go to informal clothing?

Well ... I have always said that the rules must be respected, but a number of circumstances must be taken into account, such as: what are local customs? The place where you get the reception is elegant or not ?, the spouses say what? (Especially the bride), the wedding invitation indicates any preference of color or type of clothing? (Dress code).

Invited to a Wedding: Wearing Short or Long Dresses?

Invited to a Wedding: Wearing Short or Long Dresses?

The basic rules of what to wear for a wedding look the same as in the grandmother's time. But it's not like, with the passing of time these rules are more open to their own taste. But we must remember that the rules of the etiquette are designed to help you feel comfortable and comfortably in all social situations. It is also a sign of consideration for the spouses and for the event to dress in a respectful and appropriate manner.

But still the doubt and them: how to make a beautiful figure ?. The time of day, the season, the place and the style of the wedding will be a good guide.

Usually if wedding is in the morning a light, pastel or fancy dress of medium length will be fine. For a long time, only the bridesmaids, the wives, the mothers, the bride and groom's sisters and the close friends go to the bride. The rest of women in a wedding in the morning should wear short dresses. Another idea for a wedding in the morning is the tailleur especially for women over 40 as this style may seem a bit aging on a younger woman. (Read: Informal or Seminary Wedding (Morning) and Formal Wedding or Tag (Morning) on ​​Post: How to Dress Up For a Marriage: (She)

But if the wedding is in the afternoon (usually start late in the afternoon, but go on until evening), you can wear a dark-colored cocktail dress and fabric like silk or satin.
If it is in the evening, it usually takes a bit more glamor and charm. An elegant cocktail dress or a full-length dress, and elegant or dramatic accessories are fine. (Read: Informal or Semi-formal Wedding (Evening) and Formal Wedding or Evening (Evening) Post: How to Dress Up For a Marriage: (She)

Other considerations:

Beach wedding dresses, so popular in the summer, can be a bit more casual, usually in bright colors and prints. A maxi dress is a choice to always consider to be lightweight.

Weddings in the countryside are usually very different from marriages made in reception rooms or restaurants, so you can not go dressed in a gala (except that it is a refined reception in an old mansion, in this case you need a very elegant dress) . The protocol suggests a short dress for a celebrated wedding in the countryside or garden, however long dresses are not forbidden, but not choosing a very elegant or too heavy dress, it is best to choose a cool look with fabrics such as silk or chiffon.

If the appointments for the Mass and banquet are separate, you can choose between different possibilities: an elegant cocktail dress for both appointments; Wear a light colored cocktail dress for the mass and a different color a bit bolder for the evening reception, or put on a cocktail dress for the mass and evening wear a nice long dress.

Dress code: sometimes the spouses indicate on the invitation the type of clothing to be worn, for example: "Black dress" or "black tie" (in this case man must wear a smoking, for the lady is rigorous The long and elegant dress), "white tie" or "white tie" (ladies must wear Frac, ladies will wear a long dress).

One important thing to remember is that we must not be obsessed with the protocol. You should ask yourself: how do you feel with your dress?

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