Tips for Perfect Reception in Wedding

Plan every detail in advance and make your wedding as you imagine it by following these tips. The religious and civil bond is the celebration where they will express the love that will be had forever. The reception where they share with their loved ones that special moment; In addition to devoting a large percentage of the budget.

To optimize your resources and that everything is perfect, we provide a list of tips and suggestions that you should take into account in such a special event.

 Tips for Perfect Reception in Wedding

Tips for Perfect Reception in Wedding

The tour of the hall

Get to know the room, go from side to side imagining how they would accommodate the tables, the group, the dance area, the wedding table, the cake, among others. This will help them make the best decision.

Decoration at the entrance to the living room

The setting tables or original and magical ideas at the entrance of the hall, will make the welcome of your guests an unforgettable experience. Visualize the place destined for it, do you like the idea?

The concept to choose

A fairy tale, a color wedding, a retro wedding ... the important thing is that choosing the theme you choose goes ad hoc with the place, this will make your event look beautiful, original and totally magical.

A touch of great little details

The details embellish the wedding in an original and sophisticated way. A good idea is to include disposable handkerchiefs with your monogram on the women's dresser, or give the guests some small detail that shows their appreciation for accompanying them on that special day.

At the height of your guests

The centerpieces are basic in the setting of your wedding. To make it look beautiful and not uncomfortable, the recommendation is to use a combination of small centers no larger than 35 cm. And high centers not less than 50cm. This way the centerpiece will not interfere with the conversation of your guests.

A paper distribution

For the accommodation of the tables, check the proposals of the room with map in hand, this way you will give an idea of ​​how the tables of relatives and friends, as well as the numbering of them.

Unexpected Events

If your reception is going to be outside, it is important that you consider the possibility of rent awnings, for that of the unexpected rains. One recommendation is to purchase light-colored umbrellas for transfers.

And remember! When hiring your suppliers, make sure you have a contract for all agreements: hours, dates, locations, descriptions, among others. It considers that it is the guarantee of the service that you contract.

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