Tips To Choose Ideal Wedding Cake

There is a tradition that is maintained throughout the years, and is having a delicious wedding cake at your party. In ancient Greece a cake filled with sesame seeds was prepared, because they thought it brought prosperity and fertility to the future spouses. Then in ancient Rome it was tradition at weddings to break bread over the head of the bride as a symbol of fertility, represented by wheat. The crumbs that came off this bread were immediately picked up by the guests as a good omen and then eaten.

This tradition continued and evolved and in the seventeenth century in England instead of bread, began to make small cakes based on water, salt and flour to which were eventually added fruits, nuts, etc. The guests brought these cakes as gifts and stacked them in a pyramid. The custom indicated that the newlyweds had to kiss on this tower of cakes and finally distribute portions. The ritual of inviting and sharing a piece of cake is still present and is related to wanting to transmit and transmit good luck to the friends of the bride and groom. That is why guests who do not want to eat the cake at the party can take it to their home as it is also a good practice to bring a portion to those who could not attend.

Tips To Choose Ideal Wedding Cake

Tips To Choose Ideal Wedding Cake

To choose the cake you must take into account several points:

Number of Guests
According to the number of people who will attend the party, you must calculate the size of the cake. Usually the cake is calculated in portions, so one asks for a cake for 100 people or one for 50, but not necessarily the number of portions you ask for is the number of guests you will have. To figure out how many portions you order, it's a good idea to subtract from 20% to 30% of your total guests. For example, for a wedding with 150 guests, you can order a cake of 100 or 120 servings. This becomes even more important, when you have a table of sweets besides the cake.

Once you know how many people your cake will be, you must decide how much you want to invest in it. Your fill will depend on your budget, the decoration, etc.

The cake usually consists of 3 elements, the cake, the filling and the cover. Normally you can choose the taste of each one of them. If possible, ask them to organize a tasting with the different options that can form your cake. So for example the cake can be vanilla, filled with chocolate hazelnuts and a marzipan cover.

Tip: Choose traditional flavors, which likes the most people, so everyone can enjoy it. For example, if you choose a pistachio filling, perhaps many people will not eat it and you will have lost money with the cake.

Cake decoration
it is important that the cake decoration match the decor of the salon and with the style of the wedding. It is not about using the same colors and designs, but looking for them to be harmonic. For example, if you want to bring flowers you would ideally match the bouquet, or if the event is formal or informal the cake should also be. Likewise, if the wedding is themed the cake should go according to this one.

Location in the hall
 if you plan to make a table of sweets, the cake could be the center of it, or with an additional table next to it, taking care that the decoration is consistent, and this would be located on one side of the room. But if the cake will be a centerpiece of the decor, it is important to place it on a large table in a prominent place in the living room. In any case he thinks that he must be in a place where everyone can appreciate it, where there is no risk of tripping and where at the time of making the photos chopping the cake, the space is wide and comfortable.

To preserve
in some cultures it is common to keep the top of the cake or the smallest to consume it on the first anniversary of marriage. If you want to do this, tell the makers to do it in a way that will not spoil. In Venezuela sometimes this cake that will be preserved is a "black cake" because it is stored better for longer.

some people decide to place figures on the cake. Does it seem like an old-fashioned tradition? Look at these ideas and maybe change your mind.

Tips To Choose Ideal Wedding Cake

A delicious option that can accompany or not to the wedding cake, is the table of sweets, a bar or table with different types and styles of sweets, desserts and cravings that is placed at the reception of the wedding.

There is a great variety of sweets to choose from, and you can look for those that are more similar to the aesthetics and thematic of the link or opt for classics such as truffles, chocolate bonbons or sweet canapés with fruit. Sweets like candies, as well as cupcakes, are also ideal.Another perfect sweet - and very sophisticated - for the wedding day are the macarons, all a Parisian icon. They were one of the favorite sweets of the Parisian upper classes for centuries, and now they are a symbol of sophistication. If you are celebrating a retro or American wedding, do not forget the cupcakes and cookies. They are an option of the most successful, and very fashionable in weddings. If they like the classic bakery, they can opt for marzipan or bakery sweets, coated with cream or with cream inside.

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