6 Ideas to Organize a Simple and Affordable Wedding

You just get engaged and after years of dreaming about you is perfect wedding day, you realize that all luxuries simply are not compatible with your budget.Do not be scared, it is not the end of the world, that this day may still be just as you wanted. So you see it as a way to get your creative juices flowing. I have found a couple of expert tips while planning my wedding that I would like to share with you.

How to Make a Simple but Very Nice and Economical Wedding

The best way for you to start and organize and save money is to get yourself a wedding planning book. Sit down with your partner and basically make a list of everything you want from your wedding day. That way you have everything in black and white and you can start editing things inside and outside your wedding. Once you have researched and decided on what you want, begin to allocate the amount of your wedding that you are willing to spend on every aspect.

Weddings are a considerable expense that not all couples can afford and less in times of crisis. In addition, some couples prefer to have a simple and intimate wedding instead of a ceremony with many guests.

Simple weddings are usually much cheaper, easier to organize and much less stressful for the couple as there are fewer details to worry about.

If you think that a wedding of this style would be a good choice for you and your partner, today in the blog I give you 5 ideas so you can organize your simple wedding.

6 Ideas to Organize a Simple and Affordable Wedding

1) Reduce the guest list and include only those people who are most important in your life. This will make the wedding an intimate encounter with family and close friends, rather than a grand event.

2) Choose a nice place that needs little decoration, as this will save a lot of money. It can be a family farm, under a centenary tree, in a meadow, on a beach or even a forest as we saw in this post. The nature itself is so majestic that it needs a little decoration for the wedding.

3) If the wedding is very informal, you can serve a snack (potato omelet, cheese board, canapés, sandwiches). It will always be much cheaper than a restaurant menu. If you celebrate the wedding in a rural house hiring a cheap catering may be a good choice.

4) Make the gifts of the guests yourself. Home-made jams, homemade cookies or homemade soap are just a few of the options, but you will surely come up with many more.

5) Rent your wedding dress! One of the main expenses of a wedding takes the wedding dress, and total that is only used one day and then just abandoned in the closet. If you do not have a lot of budget, a good option is to rent it. There are companies like Innovias that offer rental wedding dresses at very good prices.

6) Decorate the wedding yourself! If you have chosen a place that does not need an excessive decoration you can make easy DIY projects like these tulle pompoms or these glass candlesticks. They will give a special touch to the place where you celebrate your wedding, you will not spend much money and you will have fun preparing the decoration yourself.

I hope these suggestions have helped, or at least have you thinking, for many more creative answers visit simple wedding tips, to get to the wedding of your dreams

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