Decorate Your Wedding in Accordance with the Theme

Decorating marriage or wedding decoration is important in marriage. Wedding decoration is very heavy duty and busy. in this case requires energy and a strong mind. You need to have the system planned to have the perfect decor. Decorating your wedding depending on your theme wedding theme wedding because of your personality tests and such and the decor reflects your taste. What we had for our wedding was just a color theme of plum, gold and champagne because those are my favorite colors and I think they’re pretty elegant and classy.

Here you can have some great ideas for decorating wedding in accordance with the theme of your wedding:

Decorate every part of the site to see such a complete change, chairs, cake, wedding pew decorations, etc

There are various themes such as:

* Season: winter, tropical, fall.
* Colors: red, green, blue.
* Location: beaches, parks.
* Decorations: balloons, flowers.
* Tale: cinderella, snow white etc and many more

Have a décor that matches the theme and your personality some decorating items you can choose are:

* Candles
* Flower: calla lily, roses etc.
* Satin fabric
* Ribbon
* Paper crafts
* Flower vase
* Etc ... ..

congratulations creative with your wedding decoration, good decoration on your wedding in accordance with which you would expect, successful.

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