Tips on How Feng Shui Decorating Home Interiors

Here you will learn about feng shui decorating and tips on how feng shui decorating can improve your home. People often ask whether or not apartments apply the same Feng Shui decorating principles as houses. The answer is, yes. Another popular question is whether or not apartments automatically have bad Feng Shui decorating. The answer to that is, no.

What makes apartments more challenging to enhance or correct than houses is:There is no land or outside environment to remedy or control. Sometimes the most effective remedies for health and prosperity are things you do to the space just OUTSIDE your home.

Feng Shui Decorating

With an apartment, the focus has to be totally with the interiors. There are some limits with apartment living when it comes to your neighbors. Sharing walls with people can subject you to sounds and smells that you would have an easier time separating yourself from in a house (although not necessarily!) Clients in houses have told me numerous upsetting stories about neighbor disputes from all sides. Some ideal Feng Shui decorating remedies involve structural changes. These too are usually limited or not allowed at all in apartment living. Feng Shui Decorating Interiors .

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Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask. When I was married and in our first apartment, we had a very dark entrance at the top of the stairs. My husband asked the landlord if he could install a skylight at our own expense and the landlord agreed. It was easy and cheap for my husband (the architect) to do, and the landlord knew it was an improvement to the property.

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