Details of Wedding and Wedding Cake Figurines

If in our previous post we talked about wedding details to guests in the form of bags surprise us today we talk about the details for weddings, as the figures for wedding cake and other cucadas, stained your celebration of moments to remember.

So if you are fans of the original weddings or weddings charming, you can not miss some of the ideas for weddings, designed to surprise and funny and full of personality moments.

Today we will teach you some ideas of figures for the wedding cake from a non-personalized custom, from elegant figures for themed weddings figures. The choice will always be coordinated with the wedding and that thought to represent you as a partner:

Wedding Cake Figurines

Wedding Cake Figurines

Wedding Cake Figurines

Wedding  Figurines

As you can see, there are options for all tastes: from the figures for the wedding cake, to the wedding cake initials or other slogans more vintage cut as "Mr & Mrs" or expressions in English.

In parallel with the choice of wedding cake figurines, other wedding details like the set with which to serve the cake ... attentive to choose a set according to your decor. You can also turn it into a gift for a special guest, or a memento of your wedding:

Wedding Cake Figurines

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