Types of Wedding Cake

 Currently the forms used by confectioners to pack the wedding cakes are:

Types of Wedding Cake

• The multi-storey cake: and 'with certainty the wedding cake with greater visual impact, creating among the guests attending the ceremony the best expectations; not surprisingly, also for this reason, is the type of wedding cake more widespread. You can propose a three or five-storey or (if you really want to impress), you can even propose ten cakes stacked and arranged separately from each other progressively from the smallest to largest, starting from the top.

Types of Wedding Cake multi storey

• The version of "English" or pyramid: And 'the Anglo-Saxon model of cake, characterized by a series of cubes or cylinders arranged in a pyramid and decorated with festoons of ribbons, flowers and leaves from the effect neo-classical or Renaissance.

Types of Wedding Cake pidamid

• American Pie: This is the multi-storey cake sponge cake entirely covered with almond paste. Seeing seems to be in front of a real sculpture of icing sugar.

Types of Wedding Cake american pie

• Cake "hat shelf": Typically Italian, good compromise between the cake "multi-storey" and that "English", is a type of cake considerably lower than that of pyramidal and composed in most cases, only three plans; stands on a round base and has a diameter of about one meter and a half.

Types of Wedding Cake hat self

• Cake single floor: Covered with white cream or meringue crumbs, often "hides" a soft sponge cake filled with delicate Chantilly cream and strawberries or classic custard. And then the version entirely covered with berries, or glazed in shades of white or ivory (to stay in the classic color of the wedding) and, in various pastel shades of green, pink and Celestine.

Types of Wedding Cake single

• Cupcakes single serving: Small cakes mono portions perfectly identical to the "official" to give to each guest spoke at the wedding party, or to be shipped packaged in little boxes rigid to those who could not attend personally to marriage (according to a tradition imported in recent times by the US).

Types of Wedding Cake cupcakes

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