Ideas and Tips for Wedding Cake

In celebration of a marriage, a key and touching moment that attracts the attention of the guests is the presentation of the wedding cake.

In the blog and tell you what is the origin of the wedding cake. According to tradition, the couple met with the rite of cutting the cake together. This symbolizes the beginning of a life together as a unit.

Tips for Wedding Cake

When choosing the cake must be taken into account different aspects. Here are some tips:

- The bizcochuelo: your choice will be based on the general taste of the guests (recordá that will eat everyone, not just you and your boyfriend). The most traditional flavors are chocolate and vanilla.
- For the filling, it is usual cream or jam, fruits and nuts, such as almonds or walnuts.
- It is important that before ordering the cake will not only take notice in the pictures but ask any evidence. This tasting is just to try the cake and not to decide the style of it.

The style
The style is all tastes and fashions. As an integral part of your wedding party cake must be in harmony with everything else: the atmosphere of the room, your dress, etc. In this case the ones who decide how it will look your cake are the grooms. Among the details that must be considered are: the base where support, decor, color, shape, accessories and coverage.

Most importantly, the number of party guests. Other variables include the type of (buffet or dinner), ages and tastes of the guests, the event type (formal or informal), etc. menu Overall it is estimated that 60% of the guests eat cake; the calculation so can you contract the provider or your event organizer.

Budget and time
Your budget influences the choice of cake. Encargala several months before the wedding. This gives you the opportunity to choose between prices and designs without pressure.

We hope these tips your cake look great and enjoy your wedding.

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