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These are some nice cake decorating ideas and tips: Between the layers you should use a filling such as lemon or pineapple. . It gives the cake a really fresh taste. Yes, you need boards and dowels between the different sized cakes or they tilt or have other problems. Your fondant would go on each sized cake separately.

You can go so far as to make the cake and the fondant and freeze it until you are ready to put the cakes together and decorate. That also lets you rest up a bit before the hard work of setting the dowels.

The dowels and boards will keep the cake from collapsing. you will be able to set each cake off the others, or slice them separtely especially if the top tier is to be saved. Since you are using box cake mix, doctor it up just a little if you are using a white cake mix, by using 1/2 each almond and vanilla extract instead of just vanilla.

Cake Decorating Idea

Also, while each layer is still warm, you should cover it with a thin layer of butter cream frosting, This keeps crumbs out of the way when you are patting on your fondant. I personally have never made a fondant frosting but I have watched them being done. I learned cake decorating from a Wilton book I got from the library. I bet they have a site online now. You could ask them how to make a fondant Bow. It would also depend on the size of the bow and how you want it placed.

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