Tips for Choosing Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake is a special moment and happiness at parties. The cake besides being beautiful, elegant and refined should also be tasty. Should occupy a special place in the space devoted to the reception, better if it is a scenic place.

The first piece to be cut by the newlyweds together as symbol of unity and strength. The label says that the wedding cake should be cut with the right hand of him on her right hand.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Cake

Tips for Choosing Wedding Cake

Here are some tips for choosing a wedding cake dreams:

  •     Remember to set a budget for the wedding cake (also called Gâteaux de mariage).
  •     You and wedding date ?, Start looking models wedding cakes over the Internet, industry magazines or listen to any married friend recently.
  •     Pick a pastry with a style that you like.
  •     Choose one experienced baker.
  •     Usually cabinets have a book with the earlier work, but if you do not convince bring your ideas, pictures from magazines or the Internet.
  •     After choosing the pastry test, test, test (in my opinion, this is the fun part).
  •     Read about the different types of cakes.
  •     Order the wedding cake in advance.
  •     The decoration of the wedding cake should be consistent with the theme of your wedding. If you choose a particular style for your wedding you should keep well for cake.
  •     Ensure that costs are clear. Some are priced per person (or per serving), others have a standard fee.
  •     125 g of cake per person are recommended. Do the math of your guests.
  •     Make sure the pastry really know where to deliver the cake and time to be submitted.
  •     The implements to cut the wedding cake must be provided by the bakery, catering, or restaurant.
  •     Ensure that suppliers (baker, wedding planner, restaurant) agree to prepare the rocking of the wedding cake and ready when you arrive.
  •     Once groom figurines on the cake were used, but now the modern version of the wedding cake decorated with edible flowers, sweethearts comic situations, initials of the couple made with sweet or crystals, ribbons edible sweets. Some are true works of art.
  •     It is fashionable to offer guests a miniature reproduction of the original cake ("Official") as a souvenir or bombonera.
  •     Some freeze the top floor of cake to eat on the first anniversary. Should containing fresh fruits, remember that the thawed fruit has the same flavor when fresh.
  •     Do not put the wedding cake at a place near windows or mirrors, because the flash is reflected, requires special lighting.
  •     The mini cakes cost more than normal cake, they require a longer working time.
  •     Sometimes the decoration is made with fresh flowers, remember that they are often sprayed with pesticides.

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